What is Fusion?

What is Fusion?

Let us explain. It’s…

…as simple as a mixture of [dance] styles.

…what happens when people with different backgrounds share a dance.

…and most importantly, a partner dance that focuses on consent, connection, and musicality.


A little more on that…

…our dancers come from various backgrounds, including lindy, contact improv, blues, ballroom, west coast swing, zouk, and Latin dancing. Asking “lead, follow, or switch [roles]?” is common practice, along with verbally checking in with your partner. We invite an open conversation around dance.

What kind of music is played?

With a rotating set of DJs we can expect anything and everything, with a slight preference towards dance agnostic music. Though you can still expect to hear some swing, tango, bachata, etc. 

Here is an example of what you might hear.