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Our Mission

Eclipse Fusion is a dancer formed, volunteer-run organization dedicated to promoting Fusion partner dancing in the greater Boston area. This is achieved through two objectives:

The first, providing a semi-monthly dance that is accessible and inclusive to dancers of various backgrounds. This means it is centrally located, with access to public transit, and offers sliding scale pricing. 

The second, to champion Fusion partner dance within the community, by promoting other dance events, hiring local musicians, and featuring a diverse set of instructors. 

We aim to provide an inclusive and easily accessible space for folks to express themselves through dance—free from the conventions (i.e., gender roles, correct ways of moving) that are usually seen in other partner dance forms. Regardless of your dance experience, we want you to feel welcome in our space to learn, connect, and move with other people in the community. Consent, connection, and musicality are our three pillars, and we encourage open conversation about what Fusion dance is. Our team consists of two organizers and a few staff members, as well as volunteers who help with setup, the front desk, and cleanup.

About Our Financials

We ended 2022 in about $1127.54 in debt. In an effort to recuperate from the previous year’s loss and make the event self-sustaining, we raised our original sliding scale of $0–20 by $5, with a suggested rate of $15 in March 2023. We also started giving out free admission tokens to first-time attendees to use for future free admission to our event, allowing us to earn revenue from new attendees while encouraging them to come back a second time. Most importantly this year, we found a new home at the Beacon Hill Friends House, which allowed us to lower our per event overhead costs by ~$150.

So far this year, on an average night we made ~$7 per attendee, which is not enough to break even per event.

Currently, breaking even has meant:

  • Paying our venue
  • Paying our DJs
  • Paying our instructors
  • Paying for refreshments/snacks

We want breaking even to also include:

  • Paying back previous year’s debt
  • Building a fund to cover canceled events
  • Consumables (i.e., masks, tokens, unscented soap, etc.)
  • Assets/Resources (i.e. Audio Equipment, Website/Domain, etc.)
  • Paying the organizers when they DJ or teach
  • Paying organizers and staff for their time

The most direct way for us to be able to break even per this new standard would be for the average per attendee revenue to increase to ~$15. 

We want people to attend our events without financial strain, and maintaining a sliding scale is the best way to accomplish this objective. So to offset our insufficient revenue, we are asking for your help. 

If you would like to donate, we are a 501(c)(3) organization and your donations would be tax-deductible. Any amount would be appreciated. As a thank you for your donation (in excess of $5), you will receive a special Eclipse-branded name tag from community member Alex Bittle. We will reach out to you via email with more information after your donation is processed.

After breaking even, excess donations would allow us to:

  • Increase our DJs’ and instructors’ compensation
  • Host more events with live music
  • Host more workshops and events with out-of-town instructors and DJs, which may include covering their housing, transportation, etc.
  • Fund dance scholarships
  • Make capital purchases (i.e. Outdoor PA speakers, mics, lights etc.)

Donation Options:

Paypal (with “Donate” button)

Check mailed to:

180 Boston Ave Unit B

Somerville, MA 02144

Pay to the Order of: Eclipse Fusion, Inc.

Memo Line: Donation


Here are some items we would find useful. We’re using Amazon only for convenience; if you prefer to donate the item from another vendor, please let us know. If you choose to use Amazon, when you are at checkout, under shipping addresses you should see, “Eclipse Fusion’s Registry Address”. Click that if you wish to have the item shipped to us. 


Donations come in the form of time, too! Our volunteers help with setup, front desk check-in, and cleanup. If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to for more information.